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by Ron Joseph

March, 2004

Rotary Atomization in Electrostatic Spray

Q. We are currently looking into purchasing a lab suitable electrostatic spray gun. The question which remains is the fact that due to costs, we must make sound judgements in what options to buy.

The last question remaining is the use of a "round pattern nozzle" to simulate rotary atomization. The application would be industrial and automotive.

What is the benefit of this nozzle and what does it do? Does it make sense to spend the extra money?

A. Thanks for your email. I'm not sure if there are advantgages to purchasing a round pattern nozzle to simulate a rotary atomizer. To the best of my knowledge all nozzles can give you as round pattern if you turn down (or eliminate) the fan shaping air that goes to the outer horns of the air cap. Rather than spend lots of money, why not try a conventional nozzle and see if it does what you expect. I'm sure you can also get a loaner on a round pattern nozzle if you speak nicely to the folks at the equipment companies. That way you can compare the two nozzles and make a decision.

In any case, I wonder if a conventional electrostatic spray gun can simulate the pattern of a rotary atomizer. Are you intending to use this to establish the best fan pattern or painting strategy for painting automotive parts? In some sense I would be surprised if it works, but who knows? I have been wrong in rthe past ... many times.

Good luck. Please let me know what to discover

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