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by Ron Joseph

March, 2004

Concrete Paints

Q. We have a theater with a sloped concrete floor. Is there a paint we can apply to the surface that can take a lot of wear?

A. An important question that will dictate the correct process and coating selection: Is the concrete painted or not? If the floor has never been painted, the best bet would be to clean the floor, vacuum the dust and apply a penetrating sealer for concrete that will seal the surface and can be easily maintained. The concrete, itself, will provide the best wear resistance. If the floor was painted or if your choice is to paint new concrete then an industrial grade alkyd is recommended. For the best quality, high traffic resistant coating, an epoxy ester or a 2 component catalyzed epoxy coating will give the best wear resistance.

However, the recommended coatings will have a residual paint odor for several days after application. There are so-called low odor paints available, but they do not develop a hard wear resistant surface.

These coatings are available at Sherwin-Williams and other paint stores that sell industrial type coatings. You might not find them in your local hardware store.


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