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by Ron Joseph

March, 2004

Powder Coating in FED STD. 595A Colors

Q. I have a job where we need to powder coat a fuel tank in OD Green. Is there a possibility that our customer is mistaking green powder coat for epoxy primer with urethane top coat? I am having a hard time locating a powder coat in lusterless OD Green. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

A. It is possible the your customer does want powder coating but is unaware that the Army has not given approval for use of powders as CARC coatings. On the other hand, perhaps your customer does know this and wants OD Green and not #383 green CARC ... they are different colors. If your customer doesn't need the coating to comply with a MIL specs, such as MIL-P-53022 (primer) , MIL-C-46168 (topcoat) or MIL-C-53039 (topcoat) then he may have a legitimate request.

I suggest that you discuss this with him and also inform him that you might not be able to locate a powder in lusterless OD green. To avoid confusion perhaps you should first ask him iif his customer requires the coating to meet a mil spec, and if so which one?


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