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by Ron Joseph

March, 2004

Painting Z Bricks

Q. I am unable right now to take Z brick (From the 70's) down in a kitchen of a home I just purchased. What kind of paint can I use to give these Z bricks a quick fix? Can Z Bricks be painted over? Thank you!

A. Yes, you can paint the old 1970's Z Brick product in your kitchen. As with any painting application, be certain that the surface you intend to paint is clean and free of dirt or grease. Clean it well by using a good commercial grade cleaner/degreaser, such as 409 or simple green, there may be residual grease left on the surface from many years of exposure to kitchen grease from cooking.

There may also be a sealer type product on the surface, I don't know how well the Z Brick has been maintained over all of these years. To insure that the surface is ready for paint, you may wash again with a solution of TSP (trisodium phosphate) and warm water.

After the surface has been cleaned and is thoroughly dry, then you can coat the surface with a two part epoxy coating. I recommend that you stop in an visit your local paint center and discuss this project with them. I am certain that they have the products you need to complete the task.

Please be aware that coatings and solvents are chemicals and therefore you should always pay attention to proper handling procedures and be prepared to wear protective clothing, such as respirators, gloves, coveralls, etc. For further information on the health and safety requirements for the coatings and solvents you wish to use we strongly advised you to contact your local coating supplier. If possible, go the extra step and look for this information on the website of the product vendor.

Be sure that you have good ventilation when working in an enclosed area such as your kitchen.


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