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by Ron Joseph

March, 2004

Painting Clean Room with Epoxy

Q. We are adding a new clean room to an existing building and would like to know what epoxy paint is recommended to go over existing gypsum board and plaster walls to acheive a Class 10,000 clean room?

A. Select a coating system where the final top coat is a catalyzed, two component epoxy coating, that will provide the best resistance to high strength chemical cleaning compounds as well as resistance to organic solvents and mild acids. The epoxy topcoat may be used as the primer coat to insure compatibility.

The sheet rock may need more than one coat of primer to provide a smooth base for the topcoat. Also, consider sanding the primer to help with the smoothness of the final topcoat.

The epoxy coatings are classified as industrial coatings, they are not house paint and you will not find such coatings in a hardware store. Therefore, select a vendor such as Sherwin-Williams, DuPont, Carboline, etc., all of whom have a line of industrial epoxy coatings. Before you select the epoxy I suggest that you confirm with the paint vendor that the product you select is capable of meeting the Class 10,000 standard.

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