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by Ron Joseph

March, 2003

Concrete Floor Coating for Medical Facility

Q. What paint would you recommend for a non-slip, antibacterial covering of concrete slab (interior) which will be a pet grooming salon?

A. An epoxy floor coating is probably the most appropriate for your purpose. To render it non-slip you can add some grit or fine sand into the wet coating. Remember, though that the more grit you add to the coating the more difficult it will be to wash the floor and keep it sterile.

I suggest that you go to a local industrial paint store (not the local hardware store) and request an epoxy coating. If the store carries a non-slip product then you can select it. If the store doesn't carry a non-slip coating you can purchase very fine sand and sprinkle it into the coating after the first coat has been applied. Alternatively, you can add some of the sand to the coating and then apply it with a roller. In either case the sand must be thoroughly DRY, because wet sand is not compatible with a solvent-based coating. If you decide to sprinkle the sand into the wet coat of epoxy, then apply a second coat without sand, after the first coat has properly dried.

If the sand is too fine, the second coat will cover the sand particles and you won't get the non-slip properties you want. On the other hand if the sand it too coarse you will find it difficult to keep the floor adequately clean. Perhaps you might like to do some experimenting before you start the job.

Please follow your vendor's recommendations for preparing the concrete prior to painting. Also, please follow the vendor's health and safety instructions before applying the coating.

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