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by Ron Joseph

June, 2009

Concrete Block Paint Area

Q. We have a concrete block room we would like to convert to a paint area. Is there a product or technique to seal the block to allow cleaning and prevent overspray build up that would be code compliant? The ceiling and back wall would be a sheet metal construction for the lights and filter box.

Thanks for your time, I have found your site to be exteremly informative.

A. I suggest you download National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Bulletin 33 from the Internet. It costs approximately $30 but it is well worth the effort. I'm not sure if concrete block walls are allowable by NFPA, but the guide will clarify this.

If NFPA allows you to use concrete block walls, you can plaster them to a smooth finish and then apply white acrylic latex paint to brighten up the room. Before putting the "spray booth" into service, first apply a white strippable coating that you can purchase from industrial paint suppliers. When too much overspray builds up on the walls, you can strip off the coating and start over with fresh clean walls.

Incidentally, your local fire marshal will probably need to sign off on the "spray booth"; therefore you can and should speak to him before you start the conversion.

I hope this helps.


Ron Joseph

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