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by Ron Joseph

June, 2005

Painting Storage Silos Containing Sulphur

Q. We are doing a gas treatment project with sulphur recovery as one part. The solid sulphur (in the form for pastilles, 3~4 mm size with hemispherical shape) will be stored in RCC silos. We have huge silos , 4 nos, 10m length x 10m width x 31 m height. We need to do suitable coating on the RCC surface - internal surface of the silo. We need to know the suitable paint / coating to be used suitable for solid sulphur application. The temperature of solid sulphur is expected to be maximum 60 deg. C.

A. Thank you for your email. I suggest that you contact the folks at Carboline ( since this company specialises in coatings for the chermical industry. Will you be applying the coating, or will a contractor do the work? Because of potential paint failures down the road, I also suggest that you ask Carboline to write a detailed specification for you. It is possible that they will do this for free.

On the other hand, if they do not want to give you the detailed application specification, I will be happy to provide one for you, but on a fee basis. If you want to work with me I would need to ask you several questions to make absolutely sure that all of the variables are taken into account.

Please get back to me if you need my assistance.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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