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by Ron Joseph

June, 2004

Airless Paint Layed Up Without Cleaning For Some Years

Q. I don't know if you have son's, I do. There in is the problem. I have an Airless Paint Sprayer that was used by my son, I would guess a couple of years ago and put up without cleaning it. As you probably guessed when Dad wants to use the sprayer he discovers that is is crudded up with residue from a previous painting session. I would guess that it is a latex product. The suction assembly is crapped up along with the gun, hose, return hose. I am sure that there is probably some residue in the pump as well. The Question I have is, How can I clean it?

A. The first thought that comes to mind is to toss out the whole outfit but there is the possibility of learning a lesson about proper handling and care of expensive tools and equipment.

Under your direction, have your son disassemble the airless spray gun and soaking the parts in a container or tray covered with paint stripper, stripeze or other similar brand. This will soften the old latex paint.

Rinse the parts in warm water and with a wire brush remove the paint. Toss the hose out, it will never clean up for future use. Disassemble the pump and proceed as with the spray gun. Try to locate a parts list from the dealer or manufacturer, they may have a web site. The pump has an array of parts, screws, springs and maybe a diaphram which can be difficult to keep track of. Some of the parts may require several treatments of cleaning. The spray equipment dealer may help you replace any faulty parts including the hose, run water through the system to dislodge any hard dry particles of paint before you use it with regular paint.


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