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by Ron Joseph

June, 2003

FDA Approved Paints

Q. Is there an FDA approved paint as an indirect additive for metal? I've spoken with FDA, USDA, supplies, and manufacturing companies. No one seems to have knowledge on this topic. I've looked through Title 21 without much success either. The goal is for a paint that once dries can come into contact with food without becoming toxic. Also, it needs to be dishwasher tolerant. The production item is metal, so there will be a color to the paint. If a paint is not available perhaps a sealer or topcoat would surfice. Thanks for your assistance.

A. There are many coatings (paints) that are non-toxic and can come into contact with food. Although I'm not an expert on FDA regulations, to the best of my knowledge FDA does not approve individual paints. It is the ingredients that make up the coatings that are toxic or nontoxic. For instance, there are coatings that are used as interior linings for potable water pipes. The inside of all beverage and food cans (Coca Cola, beer, fruit, veggies, etc.) are coated to prevent corrosion of the metal. Without these coatings we would taste the aluminum or galvanizing of the can itself. The choice of coating depends on what you are fabricating, and the manufacturing process. Hence the coatings used inside potable water pipes is VERY different from those used to coat the inside walls of food and beverage cans.

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