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by Ron Joseph

June, 2003

Selection of Paint Spray Respirator

Q. I am looking for a coating for preventing stainless steel finger print. The coating must be clear, scratch resistant, glossy and easy-to-apply and DFT is thinner the better for me. I will thank you in advance if you look for a supplier.

A. A clear gloss coating that is scratch resistant for stainless steal and can be applied as a thin film would be an acrylic lacquer. For a supplier for this type of coating I would suggest that you look into automotive paint suppliers, or a specialty coatings manufacturers. Be aware, however, that the adhesion of the coating to the stainless steel might be poor, and I strongly suggest that you perform a test section before starting. Also, please make sure that you thoroughly prepare the surfaces before you apply the coating. Surface prep is essential to good adhesion.


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