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by Ron Joseph

July, 2009

Color Standard for Global Use

Q. Which color system would you recommend to a company with factories/suppliers all over the world, so that all products they produce have always the same color, even if different base materials are used (natural plastic parts (+coating), metal parts (+coating))? Pantone, RAL, NCS or another one and why?

A. You will probably want RAL which is a system that applies in Europe and the US. I have no idea what system they use in China, India and other countries to which US manufacturers subcontract work, but again, I think you are safe with RAL. Most paint manufacturers in the US have the RAL color charts and can match colors to that system. I do not recommend Pantone since this system is predominantly intended for inks, fabrics and some plastics. While some paints can be formulated to match Pantone colors the more common system would be RAL.


Ron Joseph

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