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by Ron Joseph

July, 2005

Spray Booth Permits

Q. We will in the near future need to begin doing some paint work on the equipment we build and manufacture. It will be sprayed automotive type paint acrylic Enamel in low volume quantities about two gallons per week or less. We will also need to on occasion spray an bed Liner material which has relatively low VOC compared to paint again less than two gallons a week.. My question is do we need a paint booth, permits, etc? I was told if we did low volume there was no need to a spray booth, etc.

A. Every state has its own specific regulations regarding paint spray booth permits. Some allow you to apply small quantities of paint coatings without requiring a permit while others require a permit almost regardless of how little paint you use. Therefore, you will need to go to your state regulatory agency and ask for the maximum amount of paint and solvents (thinners) that you can use without needing to install a paint spray booth.

If you intend to use up to 4 gallons of paint each week most state regulations will require that you install a paint spray booth. Don't forget to calculate the amount of cleanup solvent that you will require to clean the spray guns (paint sprayers) and hoses

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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