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by Ron Joseph

July, 2005

VOC Exempt Solvents for Paint Coatings

Q. Is Oxsol 100 is an EPA approved VOC exempt solvent? How about that in Texas? What other solvents are EPA approved VOC exempt other than TBA for coating manufacturing?

A. Oxsol 100 (PCBTF), t-butyl acetate (TBA), acetone, volatile methyl siloxanes and methylene chloride are exempt as VOCs by the EPA. You need to check that each state agency has accepted the EPA approval. Most states do approve EPAs exemptions, but I can't tell you which do not.

If you need help to determine the state-by-state ruling, I can assist you on a fee-based consulting basis.

Incidentally,, if you are interested in a class "Keeping a Paints & Coatings Facility in Compliance with Air Pollution Regulations", I give a 3-day class which you can review it at

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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