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by Ron Joseph

July, 2004

Refinish Kitchen Metal Cabinets

Q. I have moved into an apartment from 1957 and would like to refinish the metal kitchen cabinets. The original glossy white paint has been repainted dull yellow. There is rust on some shelves and drawers. I would like to refinish them to the original gloss white. I have read that this can be done in an auto shop. How do I go about finding a place for the job? How do I select a good workman for it?

A. The auto body shop would have the know how to apply paint to various metal surfaces. But, I think you are in a much different category with rusty half painted steel kitchen cabinets.

I suggest you check the yellow pages in your local phone book for office furniture refinishers. They have the experience to repaint metal shelving, file cabinets, etc. I feel sure this is the type craftsman to help you with your kitchen cabinets.

Best regards,
Tom Burke

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