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by Ron Joseph

July, 2004

Finishing Maple Wood

Q. I recently had new stairs put in my house. The treads are made of maple which we are had stained cherry to match our cabinets. After the stain was applied the wood became discolored, looking like dirt or soot blotches scattered across the tread. We resanded and tried using wood conditioner first, but got the same results. Do you have any suggestions?

A. When the stain dried on the maple wood and revealed the blotches and dirt spots they were most likely caused by water spotting and is difficult to notice on the unfinished wood. But once it is revealed, it is almost impossible to correct without removal of the finish and reconditioning of the maple wood. For a quick fix, you can consider painting the wood with a full covering application of a suitable paint product.

Best Regards,

Tom Burke

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