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by Ron Joseph

July, 2004

Aluminum Boat Paint

Q. I have an aluminum lund cammo boat that is need of a paint job. The local paint stores here have no idea on what kind of paint I should use, can you help? What type and where can I purchase the paint. I have both a conventional and an airless paint set up, can I use any of these to re-paint the boat?

A. The surface area of the boat is considered to be small in size, therefore, I would choose to use the conventional air spray equipment for paint application.

First clean the aluminum surface to remove all dirt, old paint and oxide from the surface. Apply a coat of acid etch primer following the mixing and application instructions to the letter. Within 24 hours of applying the etch primer, apply the topcoat finish. This will be an automotive grade or marine grade polyurethane coating. Use a good quality product to protect all the prep time and elbow grease you invested prior to the topcoat application.

Best regards,
Tom Burke

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