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by Ron Joseph

July, 2003

Buying a Paint Spray Gun

Q. I have been reading that HVLP guns are the best to buy for spray painting a car. Would you recommend this and do you think I have adequate air displacement with my compressor to run it efficiently?

A. The compressor you describe is on the “low end” of being efficient enough to properly drive a good HVLP spray gun. I would recommend that you do some comparison shopping, go to a reputable equipment supplier such as an automotive paint supplier or spray equipment supplier, and inform them of your needs. You may also pick up some tips on the painting of your car while you are there. To use an HVLP spray gun properly you sohlud have a compressor that can deliver approximately 50 psig to the handle of the spray gun, and have a flow rate of up to 22 cfm.

I also caution you in painting anything in your garage, be sure that you do not have any sources of ignition that may cause a fire. MANY FIRES START WHEN SOMEONE PAINTS IN HIS GARAGE!

Please be aware that coatings and solvents are chemicals and therefore you should always pay attention to proper handling procedures and be prepared to wear protective clothing, such as respirators, gloves, coveralls, etc. For further information on the health and safety requirements for the coatings and solvents you wish to use we strongly advised you to contact your local coating supplier. If possible, go the extra step and look for this information on the website of the product vendor.

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