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by Ron Joseph

January, 2009

Paint Shrinkage

Q. Please note that we are using the paint system as listed below.

  • Zinc Rinch Epoxy Primer - 60 microns
  • MIO highbuilt epoxy- 160 microns
  • Polysiloxalene acrylic- 100 microns

In this system is there any chances of paint shrinkage in DFT in the environment of high temerature(40 deg C) and low humidity (10 to 30 %RH).

A. I am not specifically familiar with this coating system; however, in general I can tell you that once the solvents have evaporated from the respective coating layers the paint will have shrunk to its minimum thickness. It is possible for paints to swell in high humidity or when immersed in water, but I'm not sure that you would be able to measure that with a dry film thickness gauge.


Ron Joseph


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