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by Ron Joseph

January, 2005

Intumescent Paint

Q. Is it possible to provide intumescent paint on galvanized steel? If yes, could you please email the spec. for the various layers for 1hr. protection on tube steel columns?

A. It is definitely possible to apply intumescent coatings to galvanized steel, but you must prepare the galvanized surfaces in the same way you would if you were applying any other coating system to this substrate.

Select the company from whom you would like to purchase the intumescent coating, and then ask for a primer that is compatible with galvinized steel. Will you be purchasing from the US, Europe, Israel or another country? Does Tambour Paints sell intumescent coatings? I'm sure they do sell primers for galvanized steel, and you would need to confirm that the primer is compatible with the intumescent topcoat that you select. As you see, you have several options.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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