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by Ron Joseph

January, 2005

Solvents Used in the Navy 1965-1969

Q. Can you tell me how to find out the solvents/chemicals used by the Naval Air 1965-1969 for painting and stripping aircraft? Do you know what safety measures were required?

A. You would need to look at the MIL specs that were used by the Navy during those years, such as MIL-P-24441. Since the mid 1980s most formulations were revised to accommodate the regulations that followed from the 1977 Revisions of the Clean Air Act.

Unfortunately, I think you will need to spend some time researching this, and details might not be on the Internet. Remember that the Internet is comparatively new, predominantly after 1994, and old stuff might not be available.

You could, of course call or write to the Navy's David Taylor Labs which is the main coatings laboratory for the Navy. If this is very important to you perhaps you can even visit their library. David Taylor Labs are located in Annapolis, MD.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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