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by Ron Joseph

January, 2005

Using a Burn Off Oven to Remove a PVC Coating from Plating Racks

Q. I process faucets and fittings pieces in my galvanoplastic plant. These pieces are on racks that are repaired sometimes. The racks are painted with PVC to protect them from the electrolytic process. When I want repair one rack, I have to remove the PVC paint. Now I am using chemical solvents, but their effluents are very difficult to treat. I was looking information of "hot sand process", but the supplier told me that is not convenient. Do you know another process to remove the PVC paint on the old racks?

Can you burn off the PVC is a high temperature furnace? Many plating and paint shops burn the coating off their racks at very high temperatures so that what remains is an ash. If you cannot afford to purchase a burn off oven, then you should be able to find someone in your city that offers such a service. To give you some idea of the type of equipment I am referring to please look at the following websites.

I hope this helps you.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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