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by Ron Joseph

January, 2003

Epoxy Color Specification for Aerospace Component

Q. I am currently working for a small company in Manassas Virginia. We sell A/C parts fixed wing and helicopter military. We are having a part made for us and it is from a drawing. On it there is a spec I have never seen before, F-157, and I am wondering if you are familiar with this document or can you direct me to where I might find it. It states epoxy enamel per F-157, color No.36231 per fed-std-595 thk .0014-.0015

A.If ask you paint vendor for Color # 36231 to Fed Std. 595a he will know exactly what you want, because he has the color cards in his lab. When you apply the coating you are required to get 1.4 - 1.5 mils paint thickness. (I assume that 0.0014 is in inches? - Check this out!)) Now you only need to locate the epoxy to specification F-157. At least two vendors should easily be able to asssit you: Deft Inc, or Courtaulds will probably know the F-157 spec since they supply coatings to this industry. Problem solved!

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