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by Ron Joseph

February, 2009

Micro Blisters

Q. I had my car resprayed about 3 years ago. Shortly after, I had blisters over the back bumper, so the body shop agreed to redo the bumper for free; but said if it happened again I would be charged for it. Since then, things have go a lot worse. All around the car there is blistering taking place, and is seems to be getting worse the longer I leave it. I have spoken to the body shop recently, and although they have said they will take a look at the car, they were quick to add that the problem was through no fault of their own. Please could you advise how to approach this ?

A. I don't know the situation in the UK, but in the US you would be entitled to take the matter to court. In the US we have "smalls claims" court for cases that do not exceed approximately $5,000.

Without seeing the problem I can't give you an opinion on who is at fault for the blisters, but the body shop would need to be able to explain why it was not their fault, or why it was your fault. Alternatively, you would need to have an expert look at the car and prove that it was the body shop's fault. Ideally the expert is really someone who knows automotive paint finishing, and not just a friend of yours.


Ron Joseph


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