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by Ron Joseph

February, 2005

DuPont Imron Paint From Europe

Q. I am trying to buy some Imron paint in France to do touch up work on my boat. The boat was built in California and the paint used was:

Imron 5000 Series Low VOC N0007H White,
# 508 fleet chart.
#193S Activator
#3939S Surface prep.
Imron 6000 Series Low VoC Clear
Imron 333 Industrial Coating
#1031 paper white
#VG 6005 activator.

My problem is that although Imron products are available in France the locals do not recognize the coding used in the US. I need to establish the French equivalents.

I would be most grateful for any assistance you can provide.

A. Several of the folks from DuPont have tried to solve your problem ,and it seems that we might have an answer. Jim Fawcett has sent this answer.

Let me start my note by saying that I am not the most familiar person with the European product line, but I will attempt to give direction to the best of my ability. Below are my thoughts.

The Imron 5000 is a high solids, single state topcoat (~50-55% volume solids), and low VOC (<3.5 pounds/gallon). Imron 5000 is available in solid and metallic colors. It is activated 3:1 with 193S activator. It
can be cleared as the initial customer email suggests. The Imron 3480S Clearcoat is also similar in solids. VOC and activation ratio to the Imron 5000. The Imron 5000 and 3480S are applied in a cross coat fashion
(vertical pass, 5 minute flash, followed by a horizontal pass).

The Imron 333 is a North American urethane with High Solids (~60-65% Volume Solids) and Low VOC (2.8 pounds per gallon). Imron 333 is undergoing a re-image marketing focus and is also known Imron 2.8HG. It is available in solid colors only. It is activated 3:1 with VG-6005 activator, and is applied in a cross coat fashion (vertical pass, 5 minute flash, followed by a horizontal pass). The Imron 333 is considered a more industrial type of product, than a fleet or transportation.

Imron is a good choice for refinishing marine craft above the waterline. It is not recommended below the waterline.

Repairing of the Imron 5000 and Imron 333 can be done with any of the Imron topcoat qualities available in Europe (Imron 700 series, Imron 9000 series, or Imron Elite). My suggestion would be to choose a product from the European offering that is similar in solids content and VOC level to be most comparable in appearance. The color position may be selected from a color tool to match the 508/N0007 US DuPont color code. For reference, the 508 color code is a General Motors match for the manufacturers paint code of 359.

3939S Surface prep is a pre-paint cleaner. I do not have a specific recommendation for this as I am not aware of the European cleaners. The recommendation would be to use a cleaner that is appropriate for the substrate being worked on (Gelcoat, or Metal).

Jim Fawcett
Product Specialist
OEM/Fleet Products


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