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by Ron Joseph

February, 2004

CARC Resistance to Simulant Agent

Q. We are currently researching coatings that will withstand not only the washdown/bleach procedures used for decontamination but also that will stand up to the simulant agent itself. We have thought of CARC however I have found that this may only resist decon on not necessarily the sumlant.

We are using a simulant called Methyl Salicylate, MeS (Benzoic Acid, 2-hydroxy-, Methyl Ester). This is commonly called oil of wintogreen (formula: 2-HOC6H4COOCH3). This is to be used in a laboratory environment where it would be cost prohibitive to construct entirely of Stainless steel and we would like to coat sheet aluminum.

As this site is used for ongoing tests, the coating must also not absorb concentrations of the MeS or at least completely removed (decon), therefore no residual background concentrations. Is it possible to make any recommendations on suitable materials/coating types from looking at the chemical make-up of the simulant? Are there any known suitable coatings for this application?

A. Thanks for your interesting question. Unfortunately, I don't have an immediate answer for you as I'm not familiar with MeS. CARC is a polyurethane but has both camouflage and ultra-low gloss properties. Since you haven't mentioned the necessity for either, have you considered using a high gloss polyurethane that might have better chemical resistance than its lusterless cousin?

Other coatings, such as vinyl's, chlorinated rubber and phenolics are also known for their excellent resistance to agressive organic chemicals, and perhaps one or more of these will satisfy your needs. Coatings companies, such as Carboline and Ameron, to name only two, specialize inn the maintenance coatings markets and they might be your best source for highly chemical resistant coatings. These two companies among others, sell to the chemical manufacturing industry, such as refineries, and I suggest you contact them for further assistance. Bear in mind that you might need to conduct your own tests before finding a suitable alternative to CARC.

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