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by Ron Joseph

February, 2003

Starting a Paint Contracting Business

Q. I'm planning on starting a painting business soon and because I'm just starting out, how much do you think I should invest for a airless sprayer. I was concidering a Wagner model #9150 for about $538.99. I will be specializing in residential interior and exterior painting along with exterior powerwashing. Also are ther any permits that I need for this latex paint only and mild detergent? To start I'll be painting one or two interior homes or rooms a month.

A.Your best bet is to see what other painting contractors use. The Wagner airless spray gun might do well for you, but perhaps you can first rent one from a local rental store to see if it does what you want. The same goes for the power washing. If I were starting from scratch I would rent different types of equipment and try out all of them and then determine which ones work the best for my purposes.

Regarding permits, you might not need a permit to own and use the spray gun, but you might need other permits, such as a contractor's permit, etc. For that you should make inquiries from your state contractor's licensing office. To confirm that you do not need a license to use the spray gun you should contact your local or state air pollution office, which you should be able to access online.

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