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by Ron Joseph

December, 2009

Painting Powder Coated Handrails

Q. I have a client that wants me to me re-do his powder coated handrails. He has a home on the beach with 3 levels of decking. The handrails vary in length and angles. They are anchored on wood decking and traverstine tile. Is there a way that I can re finish these hand rails on site. They are chalking, blistering and
finish is breakin away in pieces.

A. You will need to totally remove the coating from the handrails and start from scratch. The handrails will need to be abrasive blast cleaned (if possible) and then I suggest that you apply an epoxy primer followed by two coats of an acrylic or polyurethane finish.

Clearly this will need to be a liquid system and not powder coating.

Good luck,

Ron Joseph

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