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by Ron Joseph

December, 2005

Dulling a Glossy Paint Coating

Q. We are buying some trucks from International Truck and the color is supposed to be a flat desert tan. The trucks were painted the right color but mistakenly have a sheen to the color. Is there a way to "dull up" the paint without repainting them. I thought maybe some kind of rubbing compound applied by a buffer might help. Any ideas? There are 81 trucks involved. Thanks.

A. The paint has been formulated to have the sheen and the only thing I can think of to flatten the paint, or give it a matt finish is for you to experiment with abrasives. When you give the paint a roughened surface, even if the roughness has a very low profile that nobody can see, you increase the reflectance of light from that surface. The higher the reflectance, the low the gloss value. Therefore, why don't you try abrasive pads of 320 grit and lower and experiment until you find one that will give you the best results.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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