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by Ron Joseph

August, 2009


Q. We operate in the very humid environment of Mobile Alabama; summer brings humidity levels of 70+%. Our paint booth draws outside make-up air causing extream condensation issues inside the booth. Short of drawing inside (conditioned) air for the make-up air, are there any economical ways to dehumidify the make-up air thus reducing the condensation issues?

A. I referred your question to Rich Thelen of Global Finishing Systems and here is his response:
Most paint companies use a range of 30-80% RH for application range for polyurethanes. Dehumidification is used in areas where high humidity is present. The only way to dehumidify air is through the use of mechanical refrigeration such as chilled water or direct expansion refrigeration systems. In most parts of the country this is not a problem, but in the eastern seaboard states and the hot humid south and southeast, this is the only way to handle the problem. It is very costly.


Ron Joseph

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