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by Ron Joseph

August, 2005

Mixing Epoxy Paint with Acrylic Paint

Q. We are using epoxy polyamide topcoat. (applied on aluminium) To adjust the color, is it approved to mix this paint with an acrylic binder? Technically is the acrylic binder and epoxy-polyamide paint have the same base?

A. Personally, I wouldn't mix and acrylic with an epoxy to modify the color or for any other purpose. The two components of the epoxy, Part A and Part B, have been formulated so that they can react with each other to form a fully cured product. The mixing ration has been precisely calculated by the paint chemist so that when the paint has cured none of the resin remains in an uncured state.

By adding an acrylic resin you will change the properties of the coating. Since I do not know the nature of the epoxy that you are using, you should call the vendor and confirm that he/she agrees or disagrees with me.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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