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by Ron Joseph

August, 2005

Paint Chipping on Hood of Car (Automotive)

Q. The hood was replaced and repainted in August of last year. This spring I noticed an inordinate number of 'chips' in the surface, many in areas that would not have sustained a direct hit from a stone on the road (which is what the bump shop and now the insurance company is claiming; it is new damage from stones, not paint failure). I've attached a photo that shows the density of failure in area that is about 6" square.

A. Typically paint failures and defects such as the ones in your photograph are due to impact by stones. I know that you have refuted that, but even if that were the case the paint job should be good enough to withstand minor impacts. After all, most cars that have been on the road for several years don't have hundred of paint chips on them. Since you are experiencing so many defects in less than 6 months it would seem to me that the paint job was improperly done. On-site adhesion tests can be conducted to verify this. In my opinion you might have a legitimate claim.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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