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by Ron Joseph

August, 2005

Clear Paint Coating Over Copper

Q. We had a customer that wanted us to make him a copper counter top in his newly finished basement. However, he does not want the copper to turn green, or discolor. We have put much thought into what coating to use. We've considered everything from car wax, to urethane, to clear powder coating similar to what is being used on cars. What would be the correct product, that could be put over the copper without giving it a yellow tint (like urethane), but that would keep it from being discolored?

A. Copper is not easy to paint because of adhesion difficulties. However, if you want to apply a clear coat then I would suggest either a two component liquid polyurethane, or a clear powder. In terms of powder, I'm not sure if a polyester might not also do the trick, but you cvan ask the powder coating manufacturers for the performance characteristics of their polyurethane and polyester powder coatings.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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