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by Ron Joseph

August, 2004

Intumescent Latex Paint Coating

Q. Do you know of a UL listed designation for an intumescent paint protected structural steel member. Contego does not have such a test for their product and to this point I have not found another intumescent paint manufacturer that has one either. All of the listed tests are for intumescent mastics, not paint. Hopefully you will be able to offer some guidance/help. Thanks.

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately I do not know of companies that have certificates, presumably because the testing to achieve an intumescent rating is very expensive. Based on my understanding of the subject, there specific tests are compiled based on the structure that is being protected from a fire. Have you been to the UL website? I have, and I've also spoken to one of the technicians or engineers who works for UL. Apparently, a UL rating for intumescent is very specific to the application (end use).

You might want to get more information directly from UL.

Best Wishes,

Ron Joseph

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