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by Ron Joseph

August, 2003

Exterior Home Paints

Q. I recently got two estimates to have the exterior of my house repainted.

The first contractor quoted me $4200 and say he uses Sherwin-Williams Duration paint. He says duration is longer lasting and more moisture resistant than conventional paint. (I live in an area with constant dense fog).

The second contractor quoted me $3375 for the same prep work and paint job, but he uses Kelly Moore Premium Acrylic Latex Paint. Is there a real quality difference between these two paints?

Is it worth the $825 price difference?

A. The only way to can know whose paint is better is to go to a recent Consumer Reports on house paints, which you will find in your local public library or on the Internet. If you are lucky you will find a comparison between the two paints you are considering.

In my opinion, I would go with the contractor whom I think is likely to be the most reliable.

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