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by Ron Joseph

August, 2003

OXSOL 100 for Solvent Washing

Q. We currently use large volumes of MEK to spray wash our metal components before painting them. We are thinking of using Oxsol 100 as a replacement since MEK's flash point is 16°F, whereas Oxsol 100's flash point is 109°F. So if we decide to replace MEK with Oxsol 100 we will be improving the health and safety concerns drastically. However, I have one concern. In researching this product, I came across a company that mentioned Oxsol 100 is banned in several states and probably will be banned in all states sometime in the near future. Is this true? Have you come across any of this information? I just don't want to switch over the MEK if Oxsol 100 is going to be banned a few months later.....

A. Before you think of using Oxsol 100 as a replacement for MEK be aware that it is VERY expensive. I don't have a price for it, but I know that it is many times more expensive than MEK. People use it to thin out high viscosity paints, but in doing so they only add small quantities. Your company, on the other hand uses large volumes and you will soon find that it will become a very expensive commodity.

With regard to health and safety, I have not heard anything negative about it, or that it might be banned in any state. If you hear more about it please let me know as I like to learn about these things.

You might want to research what others in your industry are doing. If you like, I can do a small research project for you, but you might be able to accomplish this without me. Either way please let me know what you come up with.

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