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by Ron Joseph

August, 2003

Removing Mold From Paint

Q.I have been experiencing some mold growth in my shower. The stuff on the actual tub, I was able to remove with Mold X or something like that; however, there is also some growth on the ceiling over my shower on the paint. The Mold X product says on the label not to use on paint. How can I get rid of the mold currently there? I know that running the exhaust fan may help prevent future mold; but, how do I get the existing mold off?

A. You might try washing the ceiling with a diluted solution of Chlorox, bleach or perhaps even Mold X (of which I have not heard). Provided that the solution is well diluted you might not have a problem. You should always conduct such tests on a small area of the paint that is not very visible to others.

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