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by Ron Joseph

August, 2003

EPA Compliance Determinations

Q. We are considering purchasing a company that we know uses chemicals in processing their products. Is there anywhere to check to make sure that they have no violations with the EPA? Is there such a thing as a compliance consultant to help us to ensure and maintain compliance with the EPA?

A. Many environmental consultants can help you in determining if the company you wish to purchase has had past environmental violations. These are usually registered with the state agency in which the company is located, although in some cases the EPA issues its own Notices of Violations (NOV). Each state falls into an EPA region and the regional office would know if a company has had any federal (as opposed to state) violations.

My firm, Ron Joseph & Associates, Inc., deals specifically with painting operations and to that extent we can assist you. However, with regard to the global aspect of environmental regulations you will find hundreds of environmental firms that can do just what you are looking for. You will find most of them on the Internet.

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