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by Ron Joseph

April, 2005

Making a Paint Reflective

Q. We are exploring the possibility of projecting text/music in our sanctuary during worship services. But we have a very historic sanctuary that we are hesitant to put an actual screen in. Is it feasible to mix the glass beads with the existing paint (a very light brown color), paint a section of the wall and project the image on that section of wall? Will that be reflective enough for people to be able to read it?

A. Glass beads can be added to the paint while it is wet, but you will need to experiment with the size of glass beads. They are not all the same. In the same vein, you will need to experiment with the reflectivity of the paint color.

When you apply the glass beads be careful not to totally embed the beads in the paint. If they don't protrude, you will not get the reflectivity; on the other hand, if the paint is too thin the beads will not hold, and will fall out. I suggest that you experiment by painting pieces of aluminum sheet metal.

Please get back to me with your results because I curious as to what you discover.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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