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by Ron Joseph

April, 2004

Selecting Solvent Blend for Optimized Drying

Q. We have a coating solution which uses Oxsol 100, a VOC exempt PCBTF as the solvent. If we want to test two potential replacement solvents with a slightly higher and slightly lower dry (evaporation) rate (but still VOC exempt ), what would be your recommendation? I would really appreciate your help.

A. You don't have many choices since the only solvents that are exempt are PCBTF , acetone, methyl acetate and volatile methyl siloxanes. I don't know the characteristics of the last two but know that acetone has a very fast evaporation rate . You might need to discuss this with a paint chemist of the leading paint companies to see how best to blend the available exempt solvents.

Good luck and I have that this is of some help.

Ron Joseph

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