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by Ron Joseph

April, 2004

Spray Gun for Spray Metallic Base Coat

Q. Can we use electrostatic guns to spray the 2 coats of metallic base coat (the paint contains aluminum flakes)? Note: we spray metallic then clear coat wet on wet.

Is the air cap and needle of the electrostatic spray gun equivalent (given the same atomization properties & metallic distributions) as normal pneumatic gun (i.e., cap 797 & needle 1.2 )?

A. The spray guns used for electrostatic spraying should have equivalent fluid tips, air caps and needles sizes when compared to conventional air spray equipment. Aluminum metallic paint is applied in a dry spray method to prevent flooding and disorientation of the metallic flecks. This technique applies to all types of spray equipment. Because the paint is already conductive, you will need to isolate the pressure pot from ground, just as if you were using a waterborne paint. If I were you, I would confirm this with the vendor of your electrostatic gun.

There may be some adjustments to the volume of fluid out put to achieve proper film application. This may be accomplished by increase pressure on the pressure pot.

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