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by Ron Joseph

April, 2003

Painting Wooden Furniture

Q. What is the most efficient method to paint a 2mm wide line around the top of a wooden dining table under a mass production environment?

A. I am assuming you are making wood furniture with a natural stain colored finish. It is unclear just where the line is to be located on the dining table. If it is on the surface that would border an edge, then the use of a touch-up marker type colored felt tip pen may work. This can be applied by hand, or you can create a turn style with a fixed applicator and a reservoir that holds the color of your choice. You would then apply a clear finish over the entire surface to lock it in, or the line can be applied after the seal coat, but prior to the top coat. Be sure that the accent line does not bleed up into the finish coating, and is compatible with your current coatings system.

If the 2mm line is to be applied on the routed edge of the table, then it too should be applied prior to the top coat. However this type of application may need to be performed by hand, and may just add that personal hand made touch to the piece.

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