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by Ron Joseph

April, 2003

Camouflage Paint

Q. I am looking for the complex index of refraction (in the infrared) of paint on a typical landmine. Could you direct me to the literature or to a person that could help me find this information?

A. Are you sure you are talking about the refractive index of the paint, or its spectral properties in the infra-red range? I have never heard of the former, but if you are looking for the spectrophotometric curve for various camouflage military colors, you can find them in the MIL-specs. I don't have the spec numbers on hand, but you can get them by calling the Army's coatings lab at Aberdeen Proving Grounds (410) 306-0693. In any case, the folks there should be able to assist you with anything concerning paint used on landmines.

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